Angel Broking Review: An Honest Opinion on Brokerage

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It provides access to fundamental & technical analysis services along the content to stay updated with the financial markets via its blogs. But the question crops up, how does it thrive if it offers the services? Since when did it start competing with the other in stockbroking lineage? Let us unravel the mystery. In 2019, Angel Broking reorganized its brokerage edifice to compete with the other stockbroking service providers. Now, it is offering flat rate brokerage plans under the name “Angel iTrade PRIME.” In this scheme, it provides trade-in all segments (Intraday, F&O, Currencies & Commodities), at fixed ₹20 per Trade, except Equity Delivery. With 0 charges, it is free to all users.

Angel Broking Review

A fintech company stockbroking since its inception, it envisions to serve the best meal of the day on the platter for money to investors through creative products, investment strategies, state-of-art technology, and exclusive service. Angel Broking is a full-service broker in India. It offers a portfolio of investment and trading services across various segments. Such segments include stock, and currency, commodity, provide investment advisory services, margin funding, loans against shares, and financial product distribution.

Steps to become an Angel Broking user 

Visit the website and click on the ‘Open an Account’ button to open an online trading account.

To become an Angel Broking user, follow either of the two ways, primarily through Online (through DKYC)- Angel Broking offers an hour account opening through the online  DKYC (Digital Know Your Customer) process. It is a quick way of opening trading and the Demat account, secondly, By visiting Angel Branch Office or Sub-broker. Find the branch office or give them a phone call. A visit will be arranged. It is the most convenient way to open an account with Angel because of its wide network present across India. 

Being Broke to Being an Angel 

It caters to traders by serving with further platforms, such as:

1. Angel Broking App

Angel Broking Application is a trading-based app that provides ease of access across various segments like Equity, Derivatives, Currency, and Commodities. It is listed at BSE, NSE, MCX, and NCDEX. Investment in IPO and Mutual Funds is available in the application. The app is simple for both investors as well as frequent traders. It provides free of cost live quotes & charts, real-time news, various watchlists, research reports, holdings, margin statements, order summary, and more to its investors and traders. It provides ease of access that includes investment in Mutual Funds, Bonds, etc… Tracking live derivatives position, real-time quotes, charts and news, advanced chart, research reports, and advisory calls, tailor-made notification alerts for trades and ideas, views Demat Account Holdings, access to ARQ advisory, notification, and portfolio monitoring, multiple watchlists, and intraday charts with technical indicators.

Note: If the customer doesn’t trade on any online trading app (Mobile, website, or terminal) for three months, the access to the app is disabled. Customers have to visit Angel branch and submit a written request to reactivate the account.

2. Angel SpeedPro (Desktop Application)

Angel SpeedPro is a desktop based-trading platform that offers a terminal-oriented experience. Customers can download this application on a desktop or laptop and carry out trading activities. It serves by providing following distinct features, such as a single platform to access multiple segments and is listed to access authentic exchanges, Trade and monitor from a single window, and real-time streaming quotes. It also helps to monitor your portfolio, update live market data, and get notified and alert for current economic happenings and tips & tricks to gain profit. Purchasing or redeeming mutual funds, 24*7access to research reports where quick order execution tops the list.

3. Angel Broking Trade (Online Trading Website)

Angel Broking Trade is the web-suited trading platform of the company. It offers various features to their customers like managing your portfolio, access to the research information, and Trade quickly. Some of the features are- You can trade-in many segments at once from a single platform, create many watchlists, and track them. Plus, access to stock screeners for better decision making and selection of portfolio, interactive charts with technical indicators to safeguard from misleading information, access to the live news, research reports, various purpose calculators, and notifications and reminders alerts.

4. Angel ARQ (Investment Advisory Tool)

ARQ is an algorithm-based investment engine that offers customized stocks and mutual funds recommendations. It is built using AI techniques like Machine Learning, Cognitive algorithms, and uses Nobel-prize winning Modern Portfolio Theory. It provides you with the best asset allocation advice after understanding your risk preferences and further assessment.


5. ARQ Score Meaning (What is ARQ Score)

The other crux of the biscuit of Angel ARQ tool is the ARQ score. ARQ Score is an indicative score for checking the quality of a stock. An escalated ARQ score means a quality stock, while a sloping ARQ score means a bad stock. Its score of a stock is generated based on several parameters like Fundamentals, Corporate Governance, Market Cap, Total Asset Base, Ratios and Valuations, etc. The other particulars include personalized advisory offering index-beating returns, and monitoring the portfolio health with ARQ score. By identifying and replacing weak assets, it uses predictive models to recommend investments with high future potential and no minimum investment amount commitment. It assists by recommended message alerts that are fuelled by machine learning. It utilizes Artificial Intelligence by following cognitive algorithms, and in-depth industry analysis powered by the quality, modern technology, and back-tests prove ARQ outperforms benchmarks. Also, it is available at no cost. 

Let us face the Angels and Demons of charges 

Let the eagle eye work and spot the demonic cost for the heavenly services involved in Angel Broking thoroughly various segments using the cash segment, and commodity segment when it comes to receiving investment in cash or commodity. While trading across different segments, one might incur the listed charges-

NSE Cash Segment 

NSE stands for National Stock Exchange, which regulates and looks after all the companies listed in it. NSE Cash segment refers to Trade done via cash and the return on investment in the form of cash.


It refers to Currency derivatives traded in NSE. Currency derivative is traded with two different currencies paired together for exchange in cash.


1. Full-service brokerage is available at low fees.

2. Flat fee stockbroker charging ₹20 per order across segments and exchanges.

3. Free research and advisory. Daily, weekly, and specialized research reports from the analysts.

4. Free trading software (website, mobile, and trading terminal).

5. One platform for investment in Equity trading, F&O, Commodities, PMS, Mutual Funds, Insurances.

6. Hand holding is available for beginners.


1. Call & Trade is charged for an extra ₹20 per executed order.

Restoration of the broken angel

With discriminating charges and consistent up-gradation of technology, will this broken angel be restored by you? Will Angel Broking be able to survive this cruel pandemic by providing quality feature services? The choice lies in your hands.

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