How to keep your blood sugar under control

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“Blood sugar” is termed as the amount of sugar present in the bloodstream of a body at a given time. Glucose is known to be the primary source of energy for a body. Therefore, having a stable blood sugar level is immensely important to carry a healthy lifestyle.

If the sugar level is disturbed, it can result in dullness in energy, anxiety, moodiness, fatigue, improper sleep, food cravings, brain fog, and diabetes if ignored for a longer time. Blood sugar can get out of control for two major reasons: either too much glucose or too little glucose for the body. In the first condition, your body gets more sugar than the body is habitual to, and in the second case, sugar is supplied in an inadequate amount. A balanced sugar level ensures sufficient quantity of glucose in the body.

Let’s understand 6 effective ways to keep your blood sugar level stabilized:

1. Daily exercise – Regular exercise helps maintain weight and improves insulin receptivity. An increase in the receptivity of insulin simply means better absorption of the sugar existing in the body. So remember, daily exercise is the most crucial aspect of the blood sugar management plan, and you should not skip it.

2. Tracking sugar levels – Monitor your blood sugar at regular intervals. It helps you track the sugar level and the changes you need to keep the levels managed.

3. Keep an eye on your diet – A well-planned diet is necessary for keeping blood sugar in control. The carbohydrates from foods are further broken down into sugars to provide a source of energy to the body. Hence, a low-carb and more fibre diet is ideal for balanced sugar levels. A rich fibre diet plays a preventative role and helps maintain your blood sugars.

4. Hydration – As a means to prevent your kidneys from flushing out the excess sugar in case of dehydration, drinking enough water throughout the day is very necessary. Water also ensures a lower risk of high blood sugar.

5. Quality sleep – Improper sleep or lack of adequate sleep can affect blood sugar and insulin receptivity. It releases growth hormones which may lead to weight gain and disturb the production and supply of sugars in the body. Avoiding caffeine before going to bed and sleeping in a cool and dark room helps you with a sound sleep.

6. Moderation – Maintaining moderation in daily activities will eventually lead to balanced blood sugar levels. Therefore, diet, weight, and proper exercise should be in a calculated proportion. Small steps to keep you active in the right direction can yield significant results in improving or preventing blood sugar.

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