How to Speed Up Your WordPress Site Load Time

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How to Speed Up Your WordPress Site Load Time

Learn How to Speed Up Your WordPress Site Load Time? And Want to Optimize WordPress Website Speed?

Well, You are at the right place because today I’m going to share you some tip to Optimize WordPress Website Speed which helps your website to open fast to serve batter to readers or customers.

As you know, Different people, Different Minds and Different Requirement. Same in the web development field, These days, not all WordPress website is the same. You might be using WordPress as a

  • Blog
  • Any Membership website
  • WooCommerce website or E-commerce Website
  • Learning management system
  • Company Website

I try my best to suggest a free plugin for all the WordPress performance booster options below. But, If you can spend some bucks then you can use one plugin that does all of it.

There is a plugin which is paid named as WP-Rocket. If you are an experienced WordPress guy who knows some coding knowledge, then you should focus on the technicality.

But For a newbie who is looking to improve WordPress speed, just buy WP-Rocket plugin, and it will speed up WordPress with just a few clicks.

Before Optimize WordPress Website Speed:

Before you start any work on your blog related to Optimization, Measure the Web opening speed of your WordPress website.

There are some speed testing tools you can use:

Now You will see the result and take a screenshot. Once you are done utilizing the speed optimization tips shared below, just compare the results, you will feel the difference.


Take a piece of free advice, always take the backup of your website or blog data before doing anything on the website. Because we will be doing some optimization on the database level, taking a backup adds safety net, in case of an unavoidable situation.

Should apply all the WordPress speed up techniques to Optimize WordPress Website Speed?

Below are some tips which you can apply immediately which can give you a significant speed boost.

But some need the involvement of a developer or need more technical knowledge. if you have some technical knowledge then you can make it happen.

Why Speed is Important?

Google started ranking website based on Speed and if your website is not getting open fast then users don’t wait for it. they just close the blog and move next.

You need to provide speed too. Google AdSense Income also connect with the speed of the website. If your website gets open fast then Ads will also display quick time. So your Adsense income increase.

Optimize WordPress Website Speed: How To Reduce Loading time of WordPress

Today, I’m sharing tips to Optimize WordPress Website Speed that will help you to speed up WordPress:

  • Don’t use too many WordPress plugins

As the Plugins are the most useful things for Any WordPress Blog or website but these can slow down your WordPress website if you use too many plugins.

Solution: Try to low down your website plugins. If you see any plugin, not in use then delete it and if you find any plugins which are less in use or your website can run without it then Delete that.

Now, Always update your plugin. And use any least one cache plugin on your blog.

  • Optimize your images

Images are very important for a website. If you have any website that uses too many images in the articles then chances of the slowdown of your website get higher.

Solution: Image optimization for speed is very important. There are two option or can say a solution for this,

  1. Compress Images online or Offline before upload.
  2. Use compress images plugin for WordPress.

Image compression and Image lazy loading are the good plugins which are useful when you have too many images on a blog post.

Select the latest responsive & fast WordPress themes:

If you are using any old theme from 2014-17 or unresponsive theme then time to change your WordPress theme. Because of a lot of change has been down and now most of the themes are designed for faster loading.

All the current theme are now responsive in design because of google update. Google has done an update in which if your website is not responsive then you will be behind of those websites which are responsive, Even if you have great content.

Optimized Web-hosting for WordPress:

Make of us make a big mistake while choosing web hosting. Sometimes we choose local web hosting which is not Optimized Web-hosting for WordPress.

Now there are many web hosting companies which are well optimized hosting to running a WordPress blog.

Avoid too many Ads and scripts

Displaying too many ads on the website can cause slow down your website. Every Ad contains unnecessary HTML content which takes time to display.

If advertisements are a must, you should use Google AdSense or as it is well optimized and gives the best CPC.

Reduce DNS lookup

This process is required for some technical knowledge. You can take help from any web developer or if you are technically good then go on.

DNS Lookup is one of the reasons which cause slow down your website speed. Don’t worry, this is a very common issue as we all use a ton of 3rd party script for analytics, stats, conversion optimization or for other reasons.

So You need to do is,

  • Open
  • Run a speed test first.
  • Scroll down and Filter the results based on DNS load time.
  • You will see a result like a screenshot below:
Optimize WordPress Website Speed

Now You could easily see which all 3rd party script is loading on this website and how much DNS lookup time it’s consuming.

Here is the solution:

1. Remove or replace the script:

2. Use a fast DNS provider

3. Start using CDN

4. Implement DNS Prefetching in WordPress

So these are some tips that I have shared with you. If you follow these rules then you can able to Optimize WordPress Website Speed. And i shared all tips on How to Speed Up Your WordPress Site Load Time just apply them and enjoy.

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