What is Network Marketing? Does It Still Work in 2021

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Hello Guys, Today in this blog I am going to tell you “What is Network Marketing” and what is right in it, what is wrong and how you can make money from it in 2021.

What is Network Marketing?

Network Marketing is a king of business in which you use the products and services of a company and tell others about it, that is, when you sell to others, you get some share of that profit.

How would you say it is different from sell? How is this business? This business is because you have the option and to include the people inside who sells products and services.

Those people also have the option and to include the people who sell the products and services, whenever the products and services are sold in this entire cycle, consumption is consumed, purchase is made and its profit is available to everyone, so this is business. It has the option to grow.

According to ASSOCHAM report, the turnover of Network Marketing in India was 12630 crores in 2016, it will increase to 15920 crores in 2021, this means that the industry is growing.

Why Network Marketing is growing ?

Increasing youth population: The country’s maximum population is youth and it is increasing, whose purchasing power is more than consumption, that is, the purchasing power is more.

Rising Unemployment: If unemployment is high in the country, people need employment as well as consumption of products and services and both things are available in this industry, which is why this industry has potential for future growth.
Positive of Network marketing

Financial Freedom: Many people have established themselves in financial freedom in Network Marketing. Financial freedom means that it is a business, it has grown to that level, it has scope, can you fulfill your dreams, dream of expensive car? Many people have achieved all these things by dreaming of home; this is why the scope of financial freedom gives this business.

Networking: Because it is Network Marketing business, Network is in the name itself, Networking will remain the important part of it, as it is said, “THE BEST WAY TO WORK IS TO MAKE NETWORK” means you meet people in it and learn from people You teach that business is the business of human beings, the importance of such human will always remain, no matter how digital it becomes, this world runs from human and it gives business opportunity.

Speaking your own boss: You are your own boss in this business. Many people do not like to work under anyone, but here you have your own business and do not report to anyone. You are a boss yourself.

Passive income: If you are not working for any day, you are earning income for that day, you are earning money even that day, this business gives a good opportunity for passive income.

Qualification: Education is very important in many jobs but this business only sees hard work, it does not see education.

Add-ons :

Low / no entry cost: Whether its entry cost is very low or not.

No exit cost: There is also no exit cost. You can leave whenever you want. You do not have to follow a huge process to leave.

No Infrastructure Required: It is not necessary that you keep an office or team to do this business, you can work as many hours as you want.

Training: Training is given more importance in network marketing.

Negatives of Network Marketing

Soch In Moch: Many times it happens that people think that just three three people have to join, after that money will start coming, money will not have to work very hard, some people do not have to join, I have to do nothing. You will start getting money, these people are spreading negativity, if you are not ready to work, then this business is not for you.

Low entry / exit cost: In this business there is no cost of entry and exit, then people are not serious in this, they feel that we have not been Serious in this business, when we would have invested high in something. If we take exit then there will be a lot of loss, then we remain serious.

Fraud Company: Many people in the newspaper must have read about some company fraud. It is also important to avoid these companies.

How to Earn Money from Network Marketing

Choosing the right company: The company chosen is like choosing the right kind of leader, if the leader is chosen wrong then the follower of the leader may also be wrong.

What to keep in mind when choosing a company

CREDIBILITY: In choosing a company, first you look at credibility. Is that company CREDIBLE? Is it a reputed company? Is the certificate he should have? And how many years has it been since operating that company, these things will know how the health of that company is. If a company is new, it is not old, its reputation is not known. If you are joining a new company, then look carefully how people are connected in that company, how is the reputation of those people, how is the credibility of those people. In Purani company you get an advantage, you get experience.

PRODUCT / SERVICES: Is the second thing that the product company is making is correct and you will also see that the product and services are going to be regular use, if that product is one time use then does not mean by an example if a company is cooler If the product is made then the customer will take it only once, but if he is making things that are used daily or if he is making medical products, then the customer will buy such things again and again.

Will you use them: Do you trust that product or services, will you be able to use it? If you do not trust that product, if you do not want to use that product, then you will not be able to save that product / services.

COMPANY POLICIES: To join network marketing, you must see that the company you are working in is paying for the Joining or the profit of the product it is selling.

TRAINING & SUPPORT: It is a must to see if that company is training, whether they have physical workshop or are training with video because it is very important to learn, hence training is necessary.

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